Current Research

  • Knee Laxity and estradiol interactions
  • Human Movement Analysis Project, where we are studying movement mechanics of common exercises at the knee such as cutting, squats, lunges, knee extensions and landing. In doing so, we are looking at the information that already exists and is identifying its validity based on biomechanics and scientific research.
  • Testing the effect of Patella Tendon Tibial Insertion (PTTI) angle on the incidence of ACL injury.
  • Human passive ankle dorsi and plantar flexion torque quantification using a Biodex machine and a custom ultrasound+ankle torque measurement system.
  • Investigation of relationship between passive knee torque at a given knee angle and the direction of approach to that knee ankle (i.e. from a more extended or flexed position).  Also quantified is the force relaxation response after passive movement to a specific joint angle.
  • Investigation of localized muscle-tendon strain in response to either proximal or distal deformation; a chicken model.
  • Using OpenSim and SIMM software to create a model to represent a custom model of the knee. We will compare measured knee laxity and load distribution to the software.
  • Analysis of body acceleration data and characterizing the lower extremity loading profiles for UC Davis distance runners (i.e. the magnitude, duration, and frequency of loading) using MATLAB.